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Addicted to Humiliation

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Most men explore their humiliation fantasies online or during humiliation phone sex calls. It’s much safer to spend masturbation time within a fantasy or during a phone sex session than engaging in the real thing. Erotic or sexual humiliation elicits a brain chemical response. This can be experienced from watching humiliation pov videos, listening to ego-bruising mp3s or during a verbal beat down delivered via phone Humiliatrix. These brain chemicals are addictive. The same brain chemicals that the body produces to lessen pain are produced in response to humiliation. This is why men can easily become humiliation junkies. There are plenty of videos here on Humiliation Video and also our sponsor sites (sites which are updated frequently) to spend the rest of time on this planet masturbating to humiliation scenarios. Wondering if there is a short cut? Sexual humiliation could be circumvented by becoming a masochist and pursuing pain to get straight to those endorphins. However, humiliation is so much more psychologically devastating and powerful to experience.

Addicted to humiliation? All men are driven to masturbate. It’s innate and primal. And if men have found something that gets them off and makes them have mind-blowing orgasms, why not indulge? Give in to sexual humiliation. Even if it’s a secret that is pursued solo.

Humiliation Mistress

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Anna is one of the best humiliation mistresses online. She loves to abuse her members and laugh at their small penises. She has a lot of members who are weak and fragile mentally and they crave to be abused in order to feel aroused. A sexy Mistress can make them hard just by laughing at them and verbally humiliating them. Mistress Anna is an expert at humiliation and she is energized when multiple members are in her chat room at once, where she can make fun of them and turn members on each other. These members end up abusing each other for her amusement. Lots and lots of members are coming back every day for a great humiliation webcam show. Follow Anna on Twitter @mistressnylons


Credit Cards or Bitcoins?

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Most consumers of streaming adult videos and adult items such as sex toys and male enhancement products use credit cards or even Bitcoins to pay for their transactions. Whether or not to accept Bitcoins as payment has created an interesting dilemma for many adult sites where Bitcoin owners have expressed that they like to use their BTC to purchase adult memberships, goods and services.

There are perennial rumors floating around adult or porno sites re: less than optimal credit card security. Even Target and Home Depot have suffered credit card security breaches. In addition, credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard, have backed out of processing certain adult transactions. This is one of the reasons why could no longer accept credit cards for adult ads. One alternative that was considering was BTC, but BTC was not found to be a viable alternative.

In this business, you are only as good as and sometimes only as profitable as your reputation and ability to process credit card payments. We have been thinking about transforming Humiliation Video into a pay site in the future. Has anyone heard of PSBill for secure online adult credit card transactions? Or any other gateway companies you can recommend? Or do you accept BTC? Use the Contact form to get in touch with us.

What is Erotic Humiliation

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Q: What is Erotic Humiliation? A: On we focus on Femdom Erotic Humiliation. This may consist of small penis mockery, forced bi, sexual performance criticism, sissification, loser degradation, CFNM, cuckoldry, fetish addiction, enslavement, etc. These humiliating scenarios can take place in private, in public or with a limited audience such as a BDSM event. One of the most popular forms of erotic humiliation is where Femdoms or bratty girls humiliate beta males or fetishists via verbal battery involving harsh words, giggling and guffaws to amplify the experience in a humiliation phone sex call. In POV videos, the viewer can superimpose himself right into the clip and assume the role of the humiliated target. This makes the experience more personal and powerful. Generally, the POV video clips are long enough for a loser or fetish freak to masturbate and pop their nut. Ewwwww.

At we’ve selected some of the top humiliation POV videos released by our sponsors to fill up our tube. So, you losers can get a few sips of the vino before you buy the bottle. These membership sites frequently update their members area with new video clips and don’t let their sites get stale. In addition to these fresh new clips, our sponsors feature massive (as in thousands of hours of) archives for your perusal. The sites also spotlight interactivity with some of the humiliatrix stars including phone sex humiliation, cam worship sessions or busy forums. Erotic Humiliation is considered a fetish and even has a Wikipedia entry.

What is a Humiliatrix

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Q: What is a Humiliatrix? A: A Humiliatrix is a dominant woman a/k/a a Dominatrix or bratty girl or spoiled Princess who humiliates losers. It’s definitely more popular for females to humiliate males in the erotic humiliation niche. A Humiliatrix may do this in person, on cam, via phone sex or in humiliation pov video clips. It’s a huge turn on for men who get off to this fetish. The brain chemicals that are elicited from feeling humiliated are addictive and many men find they cannot get off without some form of humiliation. features only female on male humiliation. There is no gay action here. Well, there is, but it’s not male on male! Girls will force guys to go gay as part of a verbal assault in a video clip. Video updates are scheduled biweekly, so there will be more humiliation than you can withstand!

If you’ve never experienced humiliationPOV – watch a video clip or two and see if you enjoy venomous vitriol right in your face. If you want to view more, hey, these clips are free. Knock yourself out and watch them all! But remember to visit our sponsors, bitches! Our sponsors have made these POV humiliation clips available for free to promote their sites and it’s only fair to check out what they have to offer if take out the crowbar and pry open your wallet! We know you’re addicted since you can’t get enough from the Humiliatrix hotties on our tube!

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