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When a nude camgirl tries to hide her face during a cam show, it’s ironic that she’s willing to show off her hot body, but not willing to put her “face forward.” Face forward is the latest tag on social media regarding performers, content creators or streamers who show their faces. On the flip side, there are those who wear masks or keep their faces concealed. Most cam sites, content and streaming platforms allow live chat performers to block certain states, geo’s or countries to safeguard their identity. So, there shouldn’t be any fear of recognition if a cam actress or live streamer has taken steps to secure her anonymity.

However, there is another fear related to putting your “face forward.” Recently, several popular Twitch streamers found their facial likenesses were utilized in AI generated deep fake porn, obviously without their permission. Imagine the total humiliation these streamers felt upon finding their faces had been appropriated for porn videos.

Aside from fear, some chat girls, content creators or ASMR artists might simply be shy, like this barely legal ginger girl fingering herself. She might feel that masturbating is personally intimate, but she’s willing to share an intimate moment, if you’re willing to watch. Nevertheless, there is another possibility… She might know that as a beautiful, rare redhead, she can command tokens or tips if viewers want to see her face on screen.

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Kat Kymi – Shy Ginger Camgirl

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