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Exhibitionist Flashing

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One of the biggest thrills women get these days is to flash in public or on cam. Exhibitionist thrills are an absolute rush, not only to show off in a sexy way, but also to indulge in exhibitionist masturbation or full blown sex for anyone to see. You can see some of these hot exhibitionists in action on – a site dedicated to highlighting some of the hottest and naughtiest female flashers from teens to grannies. Women get off on flashing in stores, outdoors and more. Check out the site to see all the different places and different ways women get naughty.

Instead of feeling humiliated, you can tell these women are turned on. And these women love attention from strangers in the form of compliments in their cam chat rooms or in the comment section following the videos they post. So it seems that it’s not just the act of flashing, exposing themselves on cam, public masturbation or peeing au naturel, but the response they get to being bad girls. Uninhibited women are appealing because they aren’t repressed sexually. They are experimental and willing to take risks. They exhibit thrill-seeking behavior which can turn on the viewers watching them. You can even flash your cock on cam with one of these women and they’d be aroused to find a compatible partner!

However, the largest sexual organ is the mind. And for those flashing aficionados who like to read about such adventures, there are erotica writers who post exhibitionist stranger stories on Sex Stories sites like Literotica. Some of these stories take the Exhibitionist POV while others take the Voyeur POV. Enjoy!

Addicted to Humiliation

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Most men explore their humiliation fantasies online or during humiliation phone sex calls. Erotic or sexual humiliation elicits an arousing brain chemical response. This response can be experienced from watching humiliation pov videos, listening to ego-shredding mp3s or during a verbal beat down delivered via a phone Humiliatrix. The same brain chemicals the body produces to lessen pain are produced in response to humiliation. This is why men can easily become humiliation junkies.

There are plenty of videos here on Humiliation Video and also our sponsor sites (sites which are updated frequently!) to spend the rest of time on this planet masturbating to humiliation scenarios. Wondering if there is a short cut? Sexual humiliation could be circumvented by becoming a masochist and pursuing pain to get straight to that endorphin rush. However, humiliation is so much more psychologically devastating and powerful to experience.

Addicted to humiliation? All men are driven to masturbate. It’s innate and primal. If you have found something that gets you off and makes you have mind-blowing orgasms, why not indulge? Give in to sexual humiliation. Even if it’s a secret that is pursued solo…

POV Humiliation

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Losers are realizing that the most powerful and erotic humiliation is when girls make POV humiliation clips which losers watch as if the girls are humiliating them directly.  Losers can feel mean girls are delivering the POV humiliation as if the bitchy femdoms were right there smack dab in front of them.  Here at we show teaser videos for you losers to have some fun watching and then you can decide to take a tour of any of the sponsor sites and join, fkn losers!   Where else are you going to get more humiliation delivered right in your dork face?  Humiliation video clips are updated weekly or monthly on these sponsor sites. Plus, the sites also feature nifty stuff like forums and live cam shows by some of the spoiled brats who produce these clips for your viewing and spewing pleasure. 

You are probably already jacking to the video clips with one hand, so click your mouse or track pad with the other and then grab a credit card.  There are no excuses not to support one of the sites that sponsor Humiliation Video and absolutely no excuses not to spoil some of the Humiliation Hotties who keep slinging the POV humiliation video clips right in front of you on your computer or smartphone screen!   And that reminds us… in case you need to view only mobile humiliation clips so your wifey doesn’t catch you wanking it while watching pov humiliation clips on your computer, Humiliatrix is the best choice for multiple mobile formats.