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Credit Cards or Bitcoins?

Posted on by admin

Most consumers of streaming adult videos and adult items such as sex toys and male enhancement products use credit cards or even Bitcoins to pay for their transactions. Whether or not to accept Bitcoins as payment has created an interesting dilemma for many adult sites where Bitcoin owners have expressed that they like to use their BTC to purchase adult memberships, goods and services.

There are perennial rumors floating around adult or porno sites re: less than optimal credit card security. Even Target and Home Depot have suffered credit card security breaches. In addition, credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard, have backed out of processing certain adult transactions. This is one of the reasons why could no longer accept credit cards for adult ads. One alternative that was considering was BTC, but BTC was not found to be a viable alternative.

In this business, you are only as good as and sometimes only as profitable as your reputation and ability to process credit card payments. We have been thinking about transforming Humiliation Video into a pay site in the future. Has anyone heard of PSBill for secure online adult credit card transactions? Or any other gateway companies you can recommend? Or do you accept BTC? Use the Contact form to get in touch with us.