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Addicted to Humiliation

Posted on by admin

Most men explore their humiliation fantasies online or during humiliation phone sex calls. Erotic or sexual humiliation elicits an arousing brain chemical response. This response can be experienced from watching humiliation pov videos, listening to ego-shredding mp3s or during a verbal beat down delivered via a phone Humiliatrix. The same brain chemicals the body produces to lessen pain are produced in response to humiliation. This is why men can easily become humiliation junkies.

There are plenty of videos here on Humiliation Video and also our sponsor sites (sites which are updated frequently!) to spend the rest of time on this planet masturbating to humiliation scenarios. Wondering if there is a short cut? Sexual humiliation could be circumvented by becoming a masochist and pursuing pain to get straight to that endorphin rush. However, humiliation is so much more psychologically devastating and powerful to experience.

Addicted to humiliation? All men are driven to masturbate. It’s innate and primal. If you have found something that gets you off and makes you have mind-blowing orgasms, why not indulge? Give in to sexual humiliation. Even if it’s a secret that is pursued solo…