Is it Humiliating to be Called a Slag?

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The slags on don’t think so. The ultra catchy name has propelled the site to go viral online. British women who want to indulge their needs are joining for one reason – to get it on. And men are joining for the same reason. Here is another reason why the site is so popular – memberships are free!

You don’t need a credit card to launch your profile. Enter your email address and date of birth to affirm you are of legal age or use your Facebook to log in. Facebook already has your date of birth in its database, so you can be instantly age-verified. Enjoy features like searching for hookups in your area, chatting, exchanging photos and phone numbers.

Success on dating sites can be attributed to several factors. Your profile is one of the primary factors. Another primary factor is whether you are active on the site. Let’s talk about your profile first. Make sure you include a photo on your profile, because profile photos are key to capturing interest when other members use the search feature. And make sure you fill out your profile with sexy details which will interest other members.

While it may sound simplistic, being active on the site is another key to hookup success. Don’t just wait for others to contact you. You need to actively search, chat, exchange pics and phone numbers etc., to increase your chances of hooking up in the UK.

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